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Elephant in hydrotherapy pool

Why Bathing with Elephants is Unhygienic and Unethical

Do you want to make interactions with elephants a key part of your trip to Thailand?  Whether you’re visiting Phuket or any other destination across the country, there...
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Old Phuket Town by day

Top Things to Do in Phuket for Culture Lovers

When you visit a new destination, do you seek out cultural attractions and experiences above all else?  Our island home of Phuket is well-known for its beautiful beaches,...
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Woman patting elephant in jungle

The Best Places to See Elephants in Thailand

If you’re planning an adventure through Thailand, or if you’ve already started one, you’re no doubt looking for unforgettable activities to fill your itinerary. Our incredible country has...
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Elephant in Jungle

Should I Ride Elephants in Thailand?

Do you want to interact with elephants on your trip to Thailand? It’s highly likely, as elephant experiences are one of the country’s main attractions for visitors. These...
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Is Being in Captivity Unhealthy for Elephants?

Modern travellers are more informed than ever about ethical and moral issues in popular tourist destinations. In Thailand, this often involves questions about elephants in captivity. As an...
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6 Best Things to Do in Phuket at Night as Recommended by Locals

Are you more of a night owl than an early bird? If your holiday plans tend to take place after the sun sets, you’ll be looking for tips...
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Phuket Chillva Market

The 7 Best Night Markets in Phuket as Recommended by Locals

Many things make up our way of life here in Phuket, and night markets are certainly one of them. Modern shops and malls with air conditioning have sprung...
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5 Unique Things To Do In Phuket, Thailand

People from around the world flock to Phuket, Thailand, for countless reasons. Just some of the most popular include ethical elephant activities, island hopping, backpacking experiences, and beach...
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Central Festival Mall Phuket interior view

Best Shopping Destinations in Phuket

Do you plan to do some shopping on your upcoming trip to Phuket? Whether you’re looking for souvenirs to take home or you want to treat yourself to...
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